Get the Professional Edge

Get the Professional Edge, Join NMIMS Distance Learning Programs!

Did you know that when you upgrade yourself with a professional degree, you can soar to new heights in your career? Then what are you waiting for, apply to the best distance learning management programs and take the plunge? Confused about what is going on?

Well, some of the best distance learning programs in India, and distance Post Graduate Management programs or MBA are one of the fastest-growing choices for all the prospective students out there. It is for all those individuals who do not want to stop working in their respective careers, despite financial problems, personal life problems or ongoing job-related problems.

That’s why to choose the NMIMS Distance Education program! Distance PGD programmes are one of the more thought out and in-depth programs. It is one of the best alternatives to full- time programs as it is quite flexible for any student. There are many alternatives to the full-time programs but you can consider distance learning management programs from respective centres.

Why join NMIMS distance education?

As you know now, post graduate diploma programme/MBA is a great option for people who do not want to stop their careers, there are some of the best distance learning programs in India.
NMIMS is one of them. Why? Let us elucidate that for you below:

Awards and Recognitions

NMIMS University Brand is enough to tell you about the legacy of the college. Then, it has
programs approved by UGC-DEB.

Current Curriculum
Distance programs all have the current curriculum. This is because there is a need to study what
is currently influencing the current scenario rather than what has already happened in the past.

Affordable Fee

Yes, distance education is relatively cheaper than any full-time program. And when you are with
NMIMS, you can choose a variety of programs with affordable fees.

Great range of programs and faculty

One of the best faculty ensembles, you can choose a wide range of 2 years or 1-year
specializations. These specializations are widely accepted in all corporate corners.

Highly ranked

It is ranked 2nd amongst all the top 10 B schools that offer distance education in India. It has 60 authorized enrolment partners across 17 cities and the university has its centers across 7 major cities in the country.

Why NMIMS over other institutions?

The NMIMS distance learning programs for professional courses, post graduate diploma programs, diploma and certificate course programs, offer some of the best benefits which can be found in a regular campus-based course. It offers the same curriculum but one can continue
working in your current job. It is flexible and the tuition fees are quite affordable. One can manage the schedule and also complete the coursework on time. It is believed that employers do not give much recognition to distance education MBA but if you are doing it in a reputable college like the NMIMS, they do consider it. Hence, use the opportunity of distance learning programs to gain a good advantage over your peers.


However, choose distance education only if you can self -motivate yourself and you possess a lot of self-discipline. This is required because you will have a certain deadline to meet. You have to also try to take that option which has an industry-relevant curriculum. When there is a lot of
choices to be taken, it is sure that with the help of NMIMS team, one can get the best ever solution to get enrolled in the best ever program.