For April, 2020 exam cycle the Internal Assignment is made Live!

Assignment Question paper changes every exam cycle. Students need to refer to the latest uploaded & applicable Assignment Question paper, Internal Assignment Preparation & Submission guidelines which is available in the exam portal. For April, 2020 exam cycle: Last date for assignment submission is Saturday, 28th March, 2020 before 23.59 p.m. (IST)

Kindly Note:
● In case if any student has previous semester pending subject/s and
have submitted their assignment and/or have registered for
December, 2019 exam cycle term end examination would ideally wait
till the declaration of December, 2019 exam result before doing their
assignment payment/assignment submission for April 2020 exam
cycle. These students will be able to only view the April, 2020
Assignment QP & will be able to submit the pending subject
assignment/s only after the declaration of December, 2019 result. The
assignment submission done for December, 2019 exam cycle is visible
under ‘View Previous Submission’.
● Students who have previous semester pending subject/s or who had not
submitted the assignment in previous exam cycle (ANS) will be able to
view the April, 2020 Assignment QP & also submit their assignment/s in
case there was no submission done in December, 2019 exam cycle or
previous exam cycle/s.
● Students who are enrolled in current semester Jan, 2020 (I/II/III/IV) will
not be able to view the April, 2020 Assignment QP as students need to
complete six months in a semester to be eligible for term end examination.
● Assignment/Exam Fees once paid is neither refunded nor carry forwarded to next exam cycle.

In case of any doubt or query before doing any assignment submission or
assignment payment, student can feel free to mail us at
[email protected]